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The new generation of Inflatable boats have arrived!

Now Presenting Genial Boat’s ingenious solution for inflatable boats, rubber dinghies and tender boats.


The original design of inflatable boats was to provide quick and easy transport but once we get to our destination, we started to loose the time saved. The motor that remained attached to the boat needed to be dismounted, and somehow secured or moved separately from the boat. With a reminder of that experience all said and done, swimming probably would have been faster.

We have developed a systems that gives you that time back, saves storage space, adds stability and prolongs the life of the inflatable boat itself.

With this new Genial Boat system, your new inflatable boat becomes more comfortable, less spacious and more safe PLUS any problem with awkward or time consuming boat stowage or launching become a breeze.
The unique feature that makes the inflatable genial boat different is its sliding system.


With ease the over-board engine, unhooks and slides forward into an on-board position.

The system allows for many advantages such as:

  • Eliminates the space added by an over-board engine;
  • Greater security instead of fumbling with the engine;
  • Greater stability while the engine is on-board and over-board;
  • More aesthetically pleasing thanks to the simplicity of the machine;
  • More space in your stowaway thanks to the precise measurements boat;
  • Guaranteed quality from production entirely Made in Italy;
  • Center balanced weight while the engine is on-board for easy lifting.

This simple machine allows the motor to be completely removed from the water and slid on-board all at once. The foot of the engine while on-board is no longer dragged below the boat allowing for practical stowage or ease while launching. Our system is offered in two different methods. The ‘manually sliding system’ which is used on our smaller modes or the ‘electric/hydraulic sliding system‘ which with a flip of a switch the engine automatically slides on-board.

The genial boat line is constantly evolving to bring you, the most comfort, order and security for your boat at the end of its optimal livability.

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