Thank You For Visiting us at Nauticsud Boat Show 03-2016

Black taurus and extreme

Thank you for visiting us at Nauticsud Boat Show

For everyone that we had the pleasure of meeting we would like to thank you and assure you that our test drive in water is coming soon.


Thank you for visiting our Genial Boat booth at Nauticsud. We are excited to say the show was a big success! If you would like any further assistance or information on our products, please let us know. We had the pleasure of presenting you with three of our models.


Our 34 Extreme is fully optional and 10 meters long! You can take 18 of your friends or family out on a wonderful boat ride. Come and take it out for a test drive!


With our 28 Sport model we like to make you go fast! With 8.6 meters long of space you can easily take up to 14 people out for a high-speed ride that you’ll all remember for a lifetime. Try it out at our test drive!


Don’t forget about me! The new Tender 250 Elite fully stock with the amazing manual on board / over board stowaway system, giving you more room on your yacht for the things you love! Get yours today!



Tender 250 Genialboat NauticaSud   NauticaSud Genialboat   28 Sport Genialboat


Grazie per aver visionato i nostri prodotti esposti al Nauticsud presso il Salone Oltremare di Napoli 2016.


A breve comunicheremo le date per le prove in acqua delle nostre imbarcazioni, che avverranno presso il porto di Mergellina (NA).


Potrete provare:

GENIALBOAT 34 Extreme motorizzato con due MERCURY 350 Hp VERADO


GENIALBOAT 28 Sport motorizzato con due MERCURY 150 Hp VERADO


Il nuovo Tender 250 ELITE on board/over board


Tender BLACK TOURUS 400 on board/over board con movimento elettroidraulico


Imbarcazione SEA PROP 31 GRAND SPORT




Siete tutti invitati a passare una piacevole giornata insieme al nostro staff!


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