Test Drive 17/04/2016

34 sport

We are happy to present two of our speed boats:

The 34 sport and the 28 sport.

These two magnificent boats were out on the water taking test drives for interested clients after several hours of operation the day concluded with satisfaction from clients and sales alike. The boats were a great success and some people even when so far as so call them “the Ferrari of the Sea”. You can see our next exposition this May 1 2016 at the Med Festaval Gaeta.

Genialboat 34 Sport

Model Keel Tubular Sectors Scope KW / Cv Length Width
34 sport GFRP Ø 2 18 people 257.4 x 2 9950 mm 3540 mm

34 sport 34 sport

The interior of the 34 is notable for its first class commodities. A fully equipped powder room including a sink and shower, a double bed and couch. All interiors can be refinished to your pleasures. The exterior includes a kitchen stove and sink a refrigerator and freezer. All upholstery is customized for your taste in colour and material.

IMG_7932 IMG_7934 IMG_7933 IMG_7935

Genialboat 28 sport

Model Keel Tubulars Sectors Scope Kw / Cv Length Width H Stern H Bow
28 Sport GFRP Ø 640 mm 2 pers. 14 220 8630 mm 3240 mm 1150 mm 1150 mm

genialboat 28s Genialboat 28s

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