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What makes our Inflatable boats special

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Inflatable boats with an on-board / over-board system

offers your boating experience to only get better

technological advanced

We took a common problem while yachting and made it disappear

the on-board / off-board

system that brings your motor on-board without having to dismount the moto

Space conservation

on-board motor allows you to tuck your tender away and pull it out with ease

Easy transport

load the motor on-board and up it comes with out any problems or hastels

About Us

The Genialboat inflatable boats are the essence of quality and speed. Style and elegance make our latest technology irresistible. Our inflatable boats are made by keeping alive the most ancient traditions, worked by hand to make them unique and perfect to the last detail. Our goal is to create unsinkable and comfortable boats, with hulls designed to reach high speeds. Enjoy the voyage the rest is done by Genialboat.

Creative People That Make Awesome Things

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Quality products are best known for how well they serve their purpose. Genial Boat inflatable boats not only serves its purpose but do it with style, elegance and state of the art technology. Our Genial Boat systems solve a problem that saves you time, energy and lets you further enjoy your nautical experience.

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We wanted to create a new type of signage not only waterproof and functional by remote, but also brighter with more energy efficiency than ever. This means we reimagined the elements for a customized, illuminated superior sign. The result is more than just a new BoatsName sign. It’s the future of signage.

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